Summary of Leonard and 291 Intersection Improvements


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Organization: Liberty
Contact person: Ben McCabe
Title: Assistant Director of Public Works
Phone: 8164394502
Organization address: 101 E Kansas
  Liberty, MO    64068

General Information

1. Project name: Leonard and 291 Intersection Improvements
2. City(ies), County(ies), State: Liberty, Clay County, Missouri
3. Routes, interchanges and/or intersections: Intersection of Missouri 291 Highway with Leonard Street in Liberty, Missouri.
4. Primary project mode: Highway/roadway 
5. Supplementary project mode(s): * Active Transportation * Freight * Highway/Roadway )
291 Highway (freeway/expressway) is an important connector between eastern Jackson and Clay counties. Leonard Street (minor arterial) was formerly recognized as Missouri 33 and was absorbed into the City of Liberty’s street network. Historically and currently Leonard Street serves pedestrians, vehicles, and freight for businesses in Liberty and beyond. For southbound traffic, the intersection operates at a level of service “D” during morning peak hour and “E” during evening peak hour. 291 Highway represents a blockage for pedestrian movement through the middle of Liberty, Missouri. Public sidewalks currently end to the north of this intersection. Through additional turn lanes the project adds vehicle and freight capacity. Reconfiguring the intersection layout will extend existing sidewalks to the intersection, provide a new and safe pedestrian crossing across Leonard Street, and prepare for future pedestrian access along 291 Highway.
6. Project Purpose: * System operations and management )
7. Project sponsor: Andy Noll
8. Total budget in 2019 dollars: $2000000
9. Project description: Intent of the project is to improve traffic flow at a congested intersection and provide pedestrian interconnectivity. Currently, during peak periods approximately 2,400 vehicle per hour enter the intersection with 3 percent of the traffic consisting of heavy trucks. These numbers are expected to grow in the future. 291 Highway also serves as a blockage for pedestrian movement through middle of Liberty and this project serves as step to resolving this issue. Primary users will be vehicles, trucks, heavy trucks with freight, and pedestrians.
10. Scope: The project includes approximately 1,050 feet of improvements along Leonard Street, 500 feet of improvements along 291 Highway, and replacement of the existing traffic signals. Specific improvements include the following: •Due to the skew of the existing intersection and large radius turn lane for traffic traveling from westbound 291 Highway to northbound Leonard Street, high speeds are maintained during this turning movement. To improve safety at the intersection for both vehicles and future pedestrians, this project converts the skewed intersection into a standard 90 degree intersection with standard turn lanes. •Current dead end sidewalks located to the north of the intersection will be extended to the intersection and across Leonard Street. Sidewalks and pedestrian crossings will meet American’s with Disability Act requirements. Future sidewalks and trails along 291 Highway will be able to connect to this project allowing for pedestrian connectivity and removal of a historical pedestrian/bicycle blockage. •Southbound traffic is currently served by one lane for left turn movements. A right turn lane peels off of the left turn lane. During peak periods southbound traffic operates at a level of service “D” during morning peak hour and “E” during evening peak hour. The additional of a second left turn lane improves the level of service for this turning movement. •The gas station located northwest of the intersection has two entrances located near the 291/Leonard intersection. During peak periods southbound vehicles on Leonard Street block both entrances. Vehicles entering and exiting the gas station utilize both entrances and “force” their way into and off of Leonard Street creating a safety issue. This project proposes to remove the entrance closest to the 291/Leonard intersection and with the second southbound left turn lane, traffic ques across the remaining entrance will be reduced. •Eastbound 291 Highway to northbound Leonard Street traffic has a short storage bay. Storage is increased with this project to accommodate projected this current traffic issue. The turning radius will also be increase to allow larger vehicles to make the turn without off-tracking.
11. Project schedule: Design - 2025 to 2030 Right of Way and easement acquisition - 2025 to 2030 Construction - 2030 to 2035

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