Summary of 83rd Street Railroad Bridge Replacement


Contact Information

Organization: DeSoto
Contact person: Mike Brungardt
Title: City Administrator
Phone: 9135865253
Organization address: 32905 West 84th Street, P.O. Box C
  De Soto, KS    66018

General Information

1. Project name: 83rd Street Railroad Bridge Replacement
2. City(ies), County(ies), State: De Soto, Johnson, Kansas
3. Routes, interchanges and/or intersections: 83rd Street - Bridge over US Government Railroad
4. Primary project mode: Bridge 
5. Supplementary project mode(s): * Highway/Roadway * Other (Pedestrian)
The purpose of the bridge replacement is to provide a safe pedestrian and bicycle facility across the RR. This crossing is the only bridge over the RR for the north half of the City and its sidewalk is crumbling, is less than 4’ wide, has steps at each end of the bridge and substandard vehicular and pedestrian rails. The City needs a new bridge to provide an important connection from the residential area west of the tracks to the City’s downtown district east of the tracks. A new bridge also provides continued safe passage of emergency vehicles, which is currently in danger with the existing bridge. If the bridge is closed, emergency vehicles could get caught at one of the at-grade rail crossings. The City also needs a bridge with 5’ more vertical clearance, to allow for future passenger rail through town.
6. Project Purpose: * System preservation, rehabilitation or replacement )
7. Project sponsor: Mike Brungardt
8. Total budget in 2019 dollars: $2250000
9. Project description: Replace the functionally obsolete and low load rating bridge over BNSF & US Army Railroad at the only grade separation for the north half of town. Would provide the only ADA accessible sidewalk across the RR and greatly improve walkability and safe pedestrian/bicycle path to the middle and high schools. The bridge is corroding, losing concrete, and the substandard barrier is failing; if not replaced, will require significant repairs and possible loss of east-west access for emergency vehicles. Long range planning for De Soto includes a possible rail connection to future development at the old Sunflower Ammunition Plant. This bridge provides 18.5’ vertical clearance, compared to current 23.5’ standards. Providing 23.5’ clearance opens up the possibility of future passenger rail development through town. A new bridge provides pedestrian and ADA connection to the residential area west of 83rd St., continued safe passage of emergency vehicles, and pedestrian access to schools.
10. Scope: Anticipated Bridge Length = 110; Proposed Bridge Width = (2 lanes) x 12 + 2 x (4 clear) + 1 x (6 sidewalk) + 2 x (1 barrier) = 40 Use single span steel beam bridge, which has a thinner beam depth vs. prestressed concrete beams. New profile grade may be about 9 ft. higher than existing profile grade to accommodate increased vertical clearance and longer beams.
11. Project schedule: 12 months design and ROW acquisition 12 months construction

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