Summary of Turner Diagonal Corridor Improvements, K-32 to Leavenworth Rd.

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Organization: Unified Government
Contact person: Brandon E Grover
Title: Project Manager
Phone: 913-573-5704
Organization address: 701 N. 7th St, Suite 712
  Kansas City, KS    66101

General Information

1. Project name: Turner Diagonal Corridor Improvements, K-32 to Leavenworth Rd.
2. City(ies), County(ies), State: Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas
3. Routes, interchanges and/or intersections: Turner Diagonal and Kansas Highway 32, Turner Diagonal and Interstate 70
4. Primary project mode: Highway/roadway 
5. Supplementary project mode(s): * Active Transportation * Bridge )
The current transition of this corridor is already beginning to show the additional uses for freight, as an Amazon distribution center was recently built, and the proposed development of light industrial and commercial areas between I-70 and State Ave, but with each section of improvement create a greater pathway for Active Transportation. This corridor already serves as a connection to the Kansas City Kansas Community College, as well as an elementary, middle, and high school. All of which have been promoting the bike/ped process for getting their students to schools. This corridor will also connect with the K-32 corridor that will allow all modes of travelers to go West and South through Edwardsville and Bonner Springs.
6. Project Purpose: * System expansion (added capacity) * System operations and management )
7. Project sponsor: Unified Government of WYCO/KCK
8. Total budget in 2019 dollars: $60000000.00
9. Project description: The primary users of these improvements will be daily motorists, as this route serves as a major connection route for K-12 schools, local community college traffic, and residents utilizing the commercial facilities long State Ave. Secondary to daily local traffic, recent developments, and those currently in planning stages, have opened portions of this corridor to larger light industrial traffic, like the new Amazon Distribution Center and proposed Commercial/Industrial Park in development on the Northeast corner of I-70 and Turner Diagonal. All improvements that will be made will also add elements to improve the walking and biking abilities along this corridor.
10. Scope: The overall length of this corridor is approximately 4 miles of varying current roadway widths and conditions. One of the main goals of these projects would to create a more uniform roadway profile that provides effective and efficient travel for every day users and larger commercial type traffic as well. In order to accomplish this, portions of this corridor would be looked at for potential “road diet”, appropriate signal timings, routing signage, bike/ped trail access along the corridor (and to near by community centers or point of interest). The characteristics of this corridor would change from the wide open, expressway look that it has currently to a more modern section.
11. Project schedule: A project to change the interchange from Turner Diagonal to I-70 is already in the work and is to begin construction in 2019. This will change the current configuration to a DDI and open more space for future development. Other projects will be planned out as funding and needs change throughout the corridor. The interchange of K-32 and Turner Diagonal is dependent on the KDOT schedule. They had this project programmed within their 10 year window at one time, but have since moved it out due to other funding needs.

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