Summary of KCK Urban Trail System and Missouri River Bike Loop

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Organization: Unified Government
Contact person: Zach Flanders
Title: Urban Planner
Phone: 913-573-5759
Organization address: 701 NORTH 7TH STREET, SUITE 423
  KANSAS CITY, KS    66101

General Information

1. Project name: KCK Urban Trail System and Missouri River Bike Loop
2. City(ies), County(ies), State: Kansas City, KS, Wyandotte County Riverside, MO, Platte County North Kansas City, MO Clay County Kansas City, MO, Clay County and Jackson County
3. Routes, interchanges and/or intersections: The Major streets that make up the KCK Urban Trail System include State Avenue, Central Avenue, Park Drive, Quindaro Boulevard, 18th Street, 10th Street, and 5th/6th Streets. The network also includes enhancements to the the Jersey Creek trail system and using abandoned rail right-of-way to create off-street trails. It includes the proposed levee trail along the Kansas and Missouri Rivers. The Missouri River Bike Loop includes high quality bike infrastructure that connects Kansas City, Kansas; Riverside, Missouri; North Kansas City, Missouri; and Kansas City, Missouri. Much of this network is already constructed or in the planning stage. This network will provide access to an enormous number of jobs within the metro core as well as a recreational amenity around our regions most significant natural resource - -the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers.
4. Primary project mode: Active Transportation 
5. Supplementary project mode(s): )
This project will create a connected network for active transportation. It connects neighborhoods with job centers and expands access to opportunities. The network includes some of the regions most significant employment centers and also neighborhoods where as many as 1 out of 3 households do not own a car.
6. Project Purpose: * System expansion (added capacity) * System preservation, rehabilitation or replacement )
7. Project sponsor: Zach Flanders
8. Total budget in 2019 dollars: $34000000
9. Project description: The intent of the project is to connect neighborhoods and destinations in the core of Kansas City, Kansas and to connect the cities of Kansas City, Kansas; Riverside, Missouri; North Kansas City, Missouri; and Kansas City, Missouri with a high quality pedestrian and bicycle network. The KCK Greenway Urban Trail System entails planning for and implementation of an urban trail network serving the urban core of Kansas City, Kansas. The network would connect neighborhoods, parks, schools, retail areas, office areas, and the Fairfax Industrial District. The trail would connect to the US-169 bridge, which includes a trail connection to Riverside, Missouri. It also includes the Lewis and Clark viaduct trail, which connects to Kansas City, Missouri. Much of this network is already complete: The Lewis and Clark viaduct trail, the Jersey Creek trails, off street trails on 5th Street, the 10th Street bike lanes, and the Central Avenue sharrows are all completed.
10. Scope: This project includes: - Off-street multi-use side path on 5th Street between Rowland Avenue and Armstrong Avenue - Off-street multi-use side path on 7th between Rowland Avenue and the US 69 Bridge - On-Street protected two-way cycle track on 6th Street Between Armstrong and Central - On-Street protected two-way cycle track on State Avenue between 6th street and 18th Avenue - Enhanced trails along Jersey Creek from 5th Street to 18th Street - Enhanced bike facilities along Quindaro Boulevard - On -Street protected two-way cycle track on 18th Street - Enhanced bicycle facilities on Central Avenue and 10th Street - Two-way protected cycle track on Park Drive - Off-Street trail in abandoned right-of-way between Parallel Parkway and Park Drive. - Off-street multi-use trail on the Levees of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers. The City of Kansas City, Kansas is implementing interim improvements with re striping projects to implement much of this network. The scope of the MARC 2050 project includes rebuilding these routes as separated and protected routes with curbs, landscape buffer, and a change of grade between the vehicle travel lanes and the pedestrian/bicycle facilities.
11. Project schedule: 5th/6th/7th Street - Interim improvements 2019, permanent rebuild 2023 State Avenue - Interim improvements 2020, permanent rebuild 2024 Jersey Creek/18th Street - Interim Improvements 2021, permanent rebuild 2025 Park drive - Interim Improvements 2022, permanent rebuild 2026 Off Street Rail Connection - 2027

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