Summary of Route C (North Main Street) Long Term Improvements to C/J & I-49


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Organization: Peculiar
Contact person: Carl M. Brooks, PE, CFM
Title: City Engineer
Phone: 8167792228
Organization address: 250 S. Main Street
  Peculiar, MO    64078

General Information

1. Project name: Route C (North Main Street) Long Term Improvements to C/J & I-49
2. City(ies), County(ies), State: Peculiar and Cass County Missouri
3. Routes, interchanges and/or intersections: Route C is a two-lane arterial street that runs primarily north/south, providing access to the regional highway system by way of an interchange with I-49. The intersections along Route C are stop sign controlled for the side street movements, with uninterrupted flow along Route C. The City’s 2008 Comprehensive Plan identified Route C as a secondary transportation priority. Peculiar’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan update identified the Route C Corridor as an important capital improvement, currently serving the existing the downtown business district within the city limits of Peculiar. With the I-49/Peculiar Way interchange completed, the Route C Corridor is one of the City’s top transportation priorities. This project is the next step following the Peculiar’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan update, which developed Corridor alignment options and recommended the option the City is pursuing with this project.
4. Primary project mode: Highway/roadway 
5. Supplementary project mode(s): * Active Transportation * Freight * Highway/Roadway * Transit )
Highway: Route C from Peculiar Dr to I-49 and Hwy C/J interchange will provide interconnectivity between I-49 & Rt C/Peculiar Dr. Route C serves the existing five-leg intersections with Peculiar Dr., and short and long term imprpvments provide relief for existing traffic problems in the center of the City. Transit: A principal user of Route C will be the Ray-Pec School District, which has a sprawling campus north of Route C, and Peculiar Elementary east of Route C . Bike: Route C will be equipped with a bike route promoting non-vechical traffic to and from the existing downtown area, local neighborhoods, and the Elementary School. The lack of a bike roadway along Route C from Peculiar Drive to I-49 & Hwy C/J interchange is a major barrier to non-motorozied travel and the proejct will provide a roadway mitigating this barrier. Pedestrian: Route C from Peculiar Dr to I-49 & Hwy C/J interchange currnently allows for pedestrian traffic
6. Project Purpose: * System expansion (added capacity) )
7. Project sponsor: Carl M. Brooks, PE, CFM
8. Total budget in 2019 dollars: $1200000
9. Project description: In the short-term, the following paragraphs describe the short-term improvement recommendations. Route C and South Street / Peculiar Drive To create a standard intersection configuration and eliminate the skewed approach, Peculiar Drive should be realigned to intersect Route C. This will result in a perpendicular angle of intersection, and a standard four-leg intersection configuration. The Route C and South street intersection will also be a standard four-leg intersection. The new Peculiar Drive intersection to be at the location of the existing fire station driveway on the west side of Route C. The fire station driveway should be reconfigured to access that new road instead of Route C. Route C and Center Street / Peculiar Drive At Center Street, the skewed Peculiar Drive approach should be removed. This will result in a standard four-leg intersection configuration at Center Street. The existing curved segment of Peculiar Drive between North Street and Route C should be converted to parking lots and alleys to provide parking and access to adjacent businesses. The Peculiar Drive approach to the intersection with North Street and W. 1st Street should also be eliminated. This will also result in a standard four-leg intersection at North Street and W. 1st Street. After these modifications, two-way traffic flow should be considered on Center Street and W. 1st Street. Route C and North Street Eliminating the curved segment of Peculiar Drive will increase traffic on the west leg of the North Street intersection with Route C. To provide additional capacity for the increased traffic volume, eastbound and westbound left-turn lanes should be constructed on North Street. These turn lanes will allow the right-turn traffic to bypass the queues of left-turning vehicles during peak times. Route C and Schug Avenue The Peculiar Board of Alderman has adopted the concepts presented in the 2004 study to the east of Main Street. These concepts include realigning Schug Avenue to the existing driveway on the south side of Route C, constructing left-turn lanes on Route C at Schug Avenue, eliminating the Legend Drive intersection with Route C, and providing cross-access through the parcels on the south side of Route C to connect to Legend Drive. The addition of turn lanes on Route C will considerably reduce the potential for rear-end crashes and decrease congestion in this area. The above short term improvements are currently funded in a MoDOT Cost Share Program and a MARC STP grant with the expected construction in 2021 Long Term Improvements In the future, traffic volumes are projected to significantly increase along the Route C corridor and on Main Street. Long delays are projected for the side street movements at the intersections with North Street, Main Street and Schug Avenue. Traffic control improvements will be needed in order to provide acceptable operations for side street traffic accessing Route C. Traffic volumes at the Route C intersections with North Street and with Schug Avenue are projected to be near the thresholds for traffic signal installation, while the Main Street intersection is projected to exceed thresholds. None of these intersections is considered a good candidate for traffic signal installation due to the close spacing of the intersections. As a signalized corridor, there would be a high likelihood for queues to spill back through adjacent intersections during peak times
10. Scope: Another option to consider is roundabout control. The previous study illustrated a dual lane roundabout that incorporated Route C, Main Street, and the west leg of the North Street intersection. This configuration provided a more direct route for east/west traffic between Route C and North Street/Peculiar Drive. The previously proposed roundabout would require significant property acquisition in the northwest quadrant of the Route C and North Street intersection. In light of the new interchange at Peculiar Way & I-49, North Street/Peculiar Drive will become a less significant route for traffic to and from the west. Also, traffic to and from the west can access Route C at Main Street via Summerskill Road. Therefore, it is not as necessary to incorporate North Street into the roundabout. A dual lane roundabout at the Route C and Main Street intersection could provide substantial benefit with minor property acquisition. Additional lanes would also be needed on Route C between the dual lane roundabout and the I-49 interchange. Two (2) new lanes with curb and gutter will be provided. A sketch of the roundabout is illustrated on Figure 4. A Pedestrian/Bicycle path will be provided along the entire length of the improved Route C and will connect to the existing Pedestrian/Bicycle path at the planned/proposed short-term improvements of Route C. The funding for long-term improvements would be provided by local agencies. Safety outcomes will occur during the construction phase. The construction phase will upgrade the existing asphalt road, Route C from North Street to I-49 and Hwy C/J interchange from two lanes to a standard three-lane road. The project will traverse mostly developed land, from along Route C from North Street to I-49 and Hwy C/J interchange, which will be part of the three-lane road, with dedicated left turn lanes.
11. Project schedule: This project could be either a Design-Build or a traditional design, advertise, bid, award and construct project so the result will be technical design and construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates for the Route C Corridor. Below is a typ. schedule for a design-bid-construct Award: Oct 2035; City releases RFQ for design firms: Nov 2035; RFQ responses due: Dec 2035; City evaluates submitted RFQ documents: Dec 2035; City Board of Aldermen approves the selected RFQ: Jan 2036; Winning firm receives the notice to proceed: Mar 2036; Winning firm completes final plan: Sept 2036; Peculiar Planning Commission approval: Nov 2036; City Board of Aldermen accepts the final plan: Dec 2036; Bid: Jan 2037; BOA Acceptance of bid: Feb 2037; Notice to Proceed: Apr 2037; Start of Construction: May 2037; Substantial Completion: Sept 2037; Completion: Oct 2037; Project closed out: On or before Nov 2037

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Submitted comments

Randy Powers said...

Schugg and C highway should become a top priority since this is a major bottleneck at certain times of the day. Next would be E. Center and C Highway and Peculiar Drive. My 2 cents.

5/30/2019 7:35:13 AM

Randy Powers said...

Chighway and Schugg should be come a top priority for this is not only dangerous from a traffic safety viewpoint but also causes major backups during certain times of the day. 2nd would be the Triangle at E Center, Peculiar Drive and C Highway

5/30/2019 7:37:15 AM

Larry Dobson said...

I strongly encourage improvements at C Highway and Peculiar Drive. These are very strange intersections at this time and difficult to maneuver unless you are local resident and know the road.

7/7/2019 12:27:48 PM

Ted Ingalls said...

This corridor is using roads that were built for completely different traffic patterns because the traffic patterns have changed, while the roads have not. The result is a poorly functioning transportation layout through downtown peculiar. Reconfiguration of the intersections, the drainage, the pedestrian facilities, and the aesthetics would offer countless benefits to residents, visitors, and businesses.

7/24/2019 1:02:19 PM


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