Summary of Harper Road from Peculiar Drive to 227th Street


Project Number: 1483
Organization: Peculiar
Project Name: Harper Road from Peculiar Drive to 227th Street
City(ies), County(ies), State: Peculiar and Cass County Missouri
Routes, interchanges and/or intersections: The Harper Road corridor connecting Peculiar Drive, and improving the existing Harper Road from Peculiar Drive to 227th Street from two lanes to three lanes, including intersection improvements at YY Hwy and Harper Road. The City’s 2008 Comprehensive Plan identified Harper Road as a secondary transportation priority. Peculiar’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan update identified the Harper Road Corridor as an important capital improvement, currently crossing a large tract of undeveloped land within the city limits of Peculiar. With the I-49/Peculiar Way interchange completed, the Harper Road Corridor is one of the City’s top transportation priorities. This project is the next step following the Peculiar’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan update, which developed Corridor alignment options and recommended the option the City is pursuing with this project.
Primary Project Mode: Highway/roadway 
Supplementary Project Mode(s): * Active Transportation * Freight * Highway/Roadway * Transit )
Highway: Harper Road from Peculiar Drive to 227th Street will provide interconnectivity between I-49 and Route YY. Harper Road will serve several devolpments in the area and provide relief for existing traffic problems in the center of the City. Transit: A principal user of Haper Road will be the Raymore-Peculiar School District, which has a sprawling campus east of Harper Road and Peculiar Drive. Bike: Harper Road will be equipped with a bike route promoting non-vechical traffic to and from a new commercial center, local neighborhoods, and the School District campus. The lack of a roadway along Harper Rd from Peculiar Drive to RouteYY is a major barrier to non-motorozied travel and the proejct will provide a roadway mitigating this barrier. Pedestrian: Harper Road will allow for pedestrian traffic. As with other modes of transportation, interconnected and shorter, safer routes will be provided.
Project Purpose: * System expansion (added capacity) )
Project Description: The Harper Road project is proposed in conjunction with the completed new interchange at Peculiar Way & I-49 (formerly known as 211th Street and U.S. 71 Highway); and in conjunction with Peculiar Way (West)/211th Street (East) from Y Hwy to J Hwy. The Peculiar Way (West)/211th Street (East) project will be a separate Regional Transportation 2050 project submission. Peculiar’s future land-use plan calls for this area to be connected to the City’s future commercial center. Harper Road will be a primary north/south traffic mover connected to this center, along the west part of Peculiar; and will serve as one planned segment of a major collector road linking the City with cities and counties to the north and south. The current condition of the project’s 2.5 miles has two lanes of asphalt paving, with a 22 to 23-foot cross-section, with no curbs or gutters, from Peculiar Drive to 227th Street, including the intersection of YY Hwy and Harper Road. The section, of Harper Drive from Peculiar Drive to 227th Street is currently undeveloped land. This is a project request so the repairs/upgrades will take place during the construction phase. When completed, the Harper Road Corridor will be a major collector Complete Street, with a standard three-lane road with shoulders, for approximately 2.5 miles, from Peculiar Drive south to 227th Street with dedicated left turn lanes.
Scope: Three (3) new lanes would be constructed from Peculiar Drive to YY Hwy, and from YY Hwy to 227th Street. This includes a curb and gutter section on Harper Road. A Pedestrian/Bicycle path will be provided along the entire length of the improved Harper Road and will connect to the existing Pedestrian/Bicycle path at the planned/proposed Peculiar Way & Harper Road, and Peculiar Way I-49 Interchange. The funding for this project would be provided by local agencies. Safety outcomes will occur during the construction phase, which could include paved shoulders and edge line/center line rumble strips. The construction phase will upgrade the existing asphalt road, from Peculiar Drive to YY Hwy, and from YY Hwy to 227th Street; including intersection improvements at YY Hwy and Harper Road, from two lanes to a standard three-lane road. The project will traverse undeveloped land, from along Harper Road from Peculiar Drive to YY Hwy, and from YY Hwy to 227th Street, which will be part of the three-lane road, with dedicated left turn lanes.
Funding Source: Mo Local
Total Budget in 2019 Dollars: $6,300,000
Decade: Illustrative
Application Score: 80
Constrained / Illustrative: Illustrative
Priority: Medium
Adds Capacity: Yes

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Kyle Gillespie said...

This road is an important north/south artery for our city and is even more crucial with our new I-49 interchange. Its improvement will enhance development opportunities for Peculiar both commercially and residentially.

6/3/2019 8:38:27 PM

Taylor Reazin said...

This needs done! The roads here are so bad and it so heavily trafficked not only by cars but school buses and a lot of livestock trailers. This road has dangerous ridges that pull you into them and the road is already extremely narrow!

7/2/2019 5:10:48 PM

William Reynolds name here said...

I agree that a lot of work needs done to improve the streets and some intersections in Peculiar.But what about the existing streets that have not had any over lay and very little repairs in the 42 years that I have lived in the Jamar Addition Which is directly across from City hall for those of the Mayors office and Public Works Dept.that doesnt know. The streets are in very bad condition and has needed curb work,Property has been offer for vehicles to be able to turn around the dead end of Jamar St. Which has been of no avail.

11/15/2019 1:38:53 PM


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