Summary of Intersection Improvements at Route H and Route B


Project Number: 1469
Organization: Liberty
Project Name: Intersection Improvements at Route H and Route B
City(ies), County(ies), State: City of Liberty, Clay County, Missouri
Routes, interchanges and/or intersections: Intersection of Route H and Route B
Primary Project Mode: Highway/roadway 
Supplementary Project Mode(s): * Active Transportation )
The improvement of the intersection will provide for pedestrian crossing of the intersection
Project Purpose: * System operations and management )
Project Description: Construction of a one lane roundabout at the current rural skewed intersection to provide for vehicular and truck traffic. The roundabout would also provide for pedestrian crossings that would be utilized once sidewalks are extended to the area.
Scope: Personal vehicles, trucks and pedestrians will be served by the single lane roundabout. Grading, pavement, pavement marking, storm sewers and sidewalks are the major work items to be completed with the project.
Funding Source: MODOT
Total Budget in 2019 Dollars: $1,000,000
Decade: Illustrative
Application Score: 33
Constrained / Illustrative: Illustrative
Priority: Low
Adds Capacity: Yes

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Jeff Watt said...

As Liberty begins to grow to the East, Liberty must fix up and replace former State Highways that we were forced to take over "as is"

8/27/2019 10:53:34 AM

Karen N said...

Another round-a-bout? Think of the semi trucks that need to use this intersection. Dangerous!

8/27/2019 11:34:37 AM

Michele Poynter said...

Definite improvement is needed, bu not sure a roundabout would work for the big trucks that use this intersection.

8/27/2019 1:17:18 PM

Tammy Bauer said...

This intersection does need to be updated as coming off of B onto H can be challenging looking for oncoming traffic from the east. Dont think a roundabout would be the best solution

8/27/2019 9:56:52 PM


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