Summary of Liberty Traffic Signal ITS Upgrades - 11 Intersections


Project Number: 1468
Organization: Liberty
Project Name: Liberty Traffic Signal ITS Upgrades - 11 Intersections
City(ies), County(ies), State: Liberty, Clay County, Missouri
Routes, interchanges and/or intersections: 11 traffic signals located at various locations in the city limits of Liberty, Missouri.
Primary Project Mode: Highway/roadway 
Supplementary Project Mode(s): * Active Transportation * Freight * Highway/Roadway )
The City of Liberty owns and operates 15 traffic signals within the municipal limits. 11 traffic signals with the city limits run on set timing plans and detection. Liberty does not have the ability to remotely connect and monitor these lights and much of the equipment (detectors and cabinet equipment) is over a decade old. Several of the signals are split phased and don’t serve pedestrians. Liberty’s long term goal is upgrade all the signals allowing for remote connectivity and performance monitoring, add the signals to the OGL system, and make necessary improvements (including ADA compliant curb ramps and push button detectors) to serve alternative transportation choices. These improvements will also allow for improved traffic flow for vehicles and freight throughout the city.
Project Purpose: * System operations and management )
Project Description: Intent of the project is to improve traffic flow at signalized intersections, provide pedestrian interconnectivity, and allow for more modern monitoring of traffic situations. Currently, during peak periods many of the signalized intersection back up. Staff must visit each site in order to make adjustments. Primary users will be vehicles, trucks, heavy trucks with freight, and pedestrians.
Scope: The project includes upgrades at 11 signalized intersections. Specific improvements include the following: •Replacing outdated equipment with modern equipment including controllers, detectors, MMU’s etc. •Accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists, including the replacing/adding curb ramps and pedestrian poles/push buttons that meet ADA requirements. •Place signals on the OGL system. •Allow for remote connectivity for performance and other traffic related issues. •Due to the skew of the existing intersection and large radius turn lane for traffic traveling from westbound 291 Highway to northbound Leonard Street, high speeds are maintained during this turning movement. To improve safety at the intersection for both vehicles and future pedestrians, this project converts the skewed intersection into a standard 90 degree intersection with standard turn lanes.
Funding Source: Mo Local
Total Budget in 2019 Dollars: $2,000,000
Total Budget in Year of Expenditure dollars (YOE): $2,520,000
Decade: 2020
Application Score: 92
Constrained / Illustrative: Constrained
Priority: Rehab
Adds Capacity: No

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Kimberly Bell said...

This is imperative with the road improvements, as traffic flow has been and still is a major issue in Liberty. In turn it’s a safety issue.

8/27/2019 12:08:42 PM

Jeff Watt said...

Updating the traffic signals for improved traffic flow and the safety of our pedestrians must improve. Liberty has spent millions to improve 291/35, 152/Kansas/291, Flintlock Flyover, South Liberty Parkway/35, and South Liberty Parkway/291 and adding sidewalk and bike/ped trails. Yes we have major issues along the 291 corridor. Improving the signals throughout the community will help us to continue the improvements and connectivity in town.

8/27/2019 1:41:12 PM

Michele Poynter said...

This needs to be a top priority. Better traffic flow is sorely needed. Pedestrians and cyclists need to feel safe during crossings.

8/27/2019 3:12:37 PM

Tammy Bauer said...

it definitely needs to be especially at 291 hwy and Skyline Dr. The light can be long waiting ti turn north and the the red lights are improveredextremely longat. I have sat at the light trying to get out of the Manor hill area and have had to wait 2-6 minutes until it turn green. Also, the intersection going into the neighborhood need to be widen and a possible turn lNE PUT IN

8/27/2019 10:08:07 PM

Randall Norman Pick said...

Backups and the poor turning time sequences are a serious issue for safety and throughput

9/1/2019 8:46:55 PM


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