Summary of I-70 Capacity Project (MO 7 to Rt. F)


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Organization: MoDOT
Contact person: Griffin Smith
Phone: 816.607.2108
Organization address: 600 NE Colbern Road
  Lees Summit, MO    64086

General Information

1. Project name: I-70 Capacity Project (MO 7 to Rt. F)
2. City(ies), County(ies), State: This project is within Jackson County, Missouri, and touches the cities of Blue Springs, Grain Valley and Oak Grove.
3. Routes, interchanges and/or intersections: This project will add a third lane in each direction from MO 7 in Blue Springs to Route F in Oak Grove. It may requires changes at the MO 7, Rt. AA/BB and Rt. F interchanges.
4. Primary project mode: Highway/roadway 
5. Supplementary project mode(s): * Freight * Highway/Roadway )
This project will extend the third lane from MO 7 in Blue Springs to Rt. F in Oak Grove. This project will help alleviate congestion points in the corridor, improving vehicular flow and safety for travelers in single occupancy vehicles, carpools or vanpools. I-70 is also a Tier 1 roadway in the statewide freight plan and 31.5 to 46.5 million tons of freight move along I-70 each year. This improvement will help freight move along this portion of the interstate corridor in a more efficient manner. There is no transit in this project corridor. However, additional capacity would support future transit services. Non-motorized modes are incompatible with high speed low access interstate travel, and not encouraged in the right-of-way.
6. Project Purpose: * System expansion (added capacity) * System operations and management )
7. Project sponsor: Griffin Smith
8. Total budget in 2019 dollars: $52900000
9. Project description: This project is located in a rapidly expanding suburban area in the eastern portion of the metro area. Eastern Jackson County and rural areas along I-70 continue to develop residential and commercial properties. This development generates additional automobile and truck traffic for I-70. This project will add a travel lane in each direction and seeks to reduce congestion by removing a congestion bottleneck and improving travel times in coordination with plans put forward by local and regional agencies. We believe that reducing queues that impact the freeway and a reduction in congestion will improve safety along the corridor by reducing the crash rates and crash severity. The addition of capacity should also improve Goods Movement by improving the efficiency of freight movement on the interstate.
10. Scope: When traveling on I-70, the third lane begins and ends at the MO 7 interchange. Traffic has increased in the project area steadily. I-70 has an Average Daily Traffic Volume of 65,508 east of MO 7. Data shows that I-70 carries approximately 20,000 trucks per day, and state wide, trucks on I-70 transport between 31.5 to 46.5 million tons of freight each year. This project is part of the National Highway Freight Network Routes as a Primary Highway Freight system Route. This section of interstate ranks as 16th in MoDOT’s congestion and safety matrix. Since this project is forecasted for 2030-2040, the range of solutions for this project are less defined. Additional capacity is needed, but other options that may include peak hour bus-on-shoulder or auxiliary lanes to accommodate the high volume of large trucks in the project corridor could also be added to the scope as the transportation system evolves over the next decade.
11. Project schedule: Preliminary Engineering - 2040-2050 Right-of-Way - 2040-2050 Construction - 2040-2050

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