Summary of Vivion Road Trail Extension


Project Number: 1454
Organization: Gladstone
Project Name: Vivion Road Trail Extension
City(ies), County(ies), State: Gladstone, Clay County, MO Project application is located in Gladstone on MoDOT system. Full project includes MoDOT, Gladstone, KCMO, and Riverside
Routes, interchanges and/or intersections: Vivion Road (US-169) at I29
Primary Project Mode: Active Transportation 
Supplementary Project Mode(s): * Highway/Roadway )
Full project includes roadway improvements on Vivion Road from Gateway Avenue in Riverside to Old Pike Road in Gladstone. This project application is for Gladstone portion only. Estimated Cost of Entire Project = $11.5M Estimated Cost of Gladstone Portion = $1.2M
Project Purpose: * System expansion (added capacity) )
Project Description: Construction of a 10 foot wide concrete trail within the City limits of Gladstone from approximately Hwy 169 to Old Pike Road.
Scope: Active Transportation is the primary mode serviced in Gladstone. Project will provide a bike/ped connection between Riverside, KCMO, and Gladstone. Removes significant barriers to non-motorized travel including crossing I29.
Funding Source: Mo Local
Total Budget in 2019 Dollars: $1,200,000
Total Budget in Year of Expenditure dollars (YOE): $1,872,000
Decade: 2030
Application Score: 87
Constrained / Illustrative: Constrained
Priority: High
Adds Capacity: No

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Arnold Nguyen said...

The Vivion Rd Trail is a great east-west trail that needs to be connected between Riverside/Line Creek Trail and Gorman Park. The Vivion Rd Trail in the future will serve Antioch Crossings. Because of that, the gap needs to be filled in order for bikes and pedestrians to safely travel from Riverside/Line Creek Trail to Gorman Park (and in the future Antioch Crossings).

8/16/2019 4:09:25 PM

Maggie Nurrenbern said...

Filling this gap in the trail system is essential! More cyclists and pedestrians would use this route if the had a safe path between Gladstone, Kansas City and Riverside.

9/10/2019 8:21:01 AM

Katie Middleton said...

Connecting trails is a great idea.

9/23/2019 4:24:42 PM

Jean Moore said...

As a resident off Vivion Road, I see pedestrians and those on bicycles on a daily basis trying to maneuver the grass pathway from Riverside/Northmoor to N. Oak Trafficway. Its a dangerous roadway to maneuver without a pathway. Would make this area so much safer!

10/9/2019 4:28:53 PM

R.E. Moore said...

The Vivion Road extension from Riverside to North Oak is one of the most dangerous roadways North of the River. People from Riverside have to walk either along the side of the road or in the weeds to go to the grocery store or to get to work every day. The upgrade is desperately needed. The lack of sidewalks is an embarrassment to Riverside, Gladstone and KC.

10/15/2019 3:36:59 PM


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