Summary of Holmes Rd Reconstruction

Kansas City, MO

Project Number: 1376
Organization: Kansas City, MO
Project Name: Holmes Rd Reconstruction
City(ies), County(ies), State: City of Kansas City, MO Jackson County
Routes, interchanges and/or intersections: Blue Ridge to Martha Truman
Primary Project Mode: Highway/roadway 
Supplementary Project Mode(s): * Active Transportation * Freight * Transit )
Project Purpose: * System expansion (added capacity) * System preservation, rehabilitation or replacement * System operations and management )
Project Description: Reconstruct existing roadway and widen to three lanes with bike lanes. Primary users will be the motorists, peds, transit riders and bicyclists.
Scope: RECONSTRUCT EXISTING ROAD AND WIDEN TO 3 LANES. 13,500 feet of improvements. Improvements should provide additional traffic, pedestrian and bike safety and capacity.
Funding Source: Mo Local
Total Budget in 2019 Dollars: $18,000,000
Decade: Illustrative
Application Score: 57
Constrained / Illustrative: Illustrative
Priority: Low
Adds Capacity: Yes

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Kay Copeland said...

This project needs the date moved up. It was planned over 20 years ago when I first moved into the area. The road is handling more traffic including commercial heavy trucks, and is in constant need of repair. There have been street cave-ins, recurrent busted water pipes and cavernous potholes; this makes this hilly road a dangerous place to travel with icing in cold weather and treacherous when winter storms occur. There are not any alternative routes to take to avoid the dangerous areas. The retail offerings have improved but they will be under-utilized without adequate roadways.

10/25/2019 9:46:41 AM


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