Summary of 18th Street Bridge Replacement


Contact Information

Organization: KDOT
Contact person: Allison Smith
Title: Environmental Coordinator/MPO Liaison
Phone: 785-296-0341
Organization address: 700 SW Harison
  Topeka, KS    66603

General Information

1. Project name: 18th Street Bridge Replacement
2. City(ies), County(ies), State: Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas
3. Routes, interchanges and/or intersections: US-69
4. Primary project mode: Bridge 
5. Supplementary project mode(s): * Freight * Highway/Roadway )
Replacement of this existing infrastructure will ensure that transit buses, motorists and freight will have a safe facility to carry them over the Kansas River along US-69.
6. Project Purpose: * System preservation, rehabilitation or replacement * System operations and management )
7. Project sponsor: Allison Smith
8. Total budget in 2019 dollars: $60000000
9. Project description: The intent of this project is to replace a bridge that is near its useful life--which was extended by extensive repairs in 2018. Motorists and freight will be the primary users of this bridge carrying them across the Kansas River. Peak/midday transit service is provided by UGT/KCATA along the 18th Street Corridor. Additional transit riders may also become users of the facility should a higher level of service be implemented along the corridor in the future. The bridge spans both the Kansas River and BNSF rail lines. There is a potential for bike/ped users to be accommodated, on the bridge but this is largely unknown at this time and is pending the outcome of the18th Street Bridge Replacement Study.
10. Scope: This is a bridge project and a replacement of existing infrastructure along a yet to be determined alignment. Built in 1959, the 18th Street Bridge is one of the few remaining deck trusses on the state system. It has undergone numerous rehabilitations over the life of the bridge.
11. Project schedule: Implementation of this project has not yet be determined and is subject to funding availability and condition of the facility. It is estimated that replacement of this bridge would occur between 2025-2030.

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Jim Schraeder said...

It seems short sighted to replace the bridge / viaduct without also vastly improving the interchanges at each end of the project, namely Kansas Avenue and Ruby/Metropolitan

10/25/2019 8:10:17 PM


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