Summary of 98th Street Connector


Contact Information

Organization: Edwardsville
Contact person: Michael Webb
Title: City Manager
Phone: 913-356-6004
Organization address: 690 S 4th St
  Edwardsville, KS    66111

General Information

1. Project name: 98th Street Connector
2. City(ies), County(ies), State: Edwardsville, Kansas City (KCK), Wyandotte, KS
3. Routes, interchanges and/or intersections: 98th St from K-32 (Edwardsville) to State Avenue (KCK)
4. Primary project mode: Highway/roadway 
5. Supplementary project mode(s): * Transit * Other (Bike/Ped)
The project will connect K-32 and the Edwardsville Industrial Park to State Avenue and the Legends Activity Center. The project will incorporate transit allowing for a connection with the current State Avenue Connex bus route as well as incorporating the Regional Bikeway Plan for 98th St.
6. Project Purpose: * System expansion (added capacity) * System preservation, rehabilitation or replacement )
7. Project sponsor: Michael Webb
(913) 356-6004
8. Total budget in 2019 dollars: $10000000
9. Project description: The project is approximately 4 miles in length between K-32 in Edwardsville and State Avenue in KCK. Primary users will be motorist with secondary users being transit, pedestrians, bicyclists and freight.
10. Scope: Roadway will be 2-3 travel lanes. Transit stops may be incorportaed near Riverview Avenue and Kansas Avenue. Additionally, the design will incorportae sidewalks, multi-purpose trails and/or dedicated bike lanes. Total project length is approximately 4 miles.
11. Project schedule: Planning 2020-2025 Construction 2025-2035

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