Summary of RD Mize Road Improvements


Contact Information

Organization: Independence
Contact person: Mark Green
Title: City Traffic Engineer
Phone: 8163257608
Organization address: 111 E Maple Ave
  Independence, MO    64050

General Information

1. Project name: RD Mize Road Improvements
2. City(ies), County(ies), State: Independence, Jackson, MO
3. Routes, interchanges and/or intersections: RD Mize Road - Eureka Road to Pink Hill Road; intersection of Pink Hill Road; and Pink Hill Road to Duncan Road.
4. Primary project mode: Active Transportation 
5. Supplementary project mode(s): * Bridge * Highway/Roadway * Transit )
This complete streets improvement would facilitate a safer, multi-modal transportation system and create a link (with more transportation options) for the residents in this area to the major east/west arterials of R D Mize Road and 39th Street and connection to Woods Chapel Road and Interstate 70 in Blue Springs. An inter-city bus route (570 Blue Springs Express) along Woods Chapel and Jefferson Street would benefit from the improved access this project would provide to pedestrians, mobility aid users and bicyclists living in the area.
6. Project Purpose: * System expansion (added capacity) * System preservation, rehabilitation or replacement * System operations and management * Ecosystem Restoration )
7. Project sponsor: Kati Horner Gonzalez, Assistant Director of Public Works, City Engineer
8. Total budget in 2019 dollars: $15000000
9. Project description: RD Mize Road from Eureka Road to Pink Hill Road will be improved from a two lane road to a three lane road with a center two way left turn lane. RD Mize Road from Pink Hill Road south to its intersection with Woods Chapel Road will be improved from a two lane road to a four lane road. The entire roadway will be widened on the existing alignment and make improvements to horizontal curvature at two locations, install curb and gutters, enclosed storm drain system and an eight foot shared use path will be placed on one side of the road with a five-foot sidewalk on the other. Continuous street lighting will be installed throughout the corridor. The existing temporary span wire signal at Pink Hill Road and R D Mize road will be removed and installation of a roundabout will be constructed. This project connects local neighborhoods in Independence and Blue Springs to the Little Blue Trace trail system, as well as, local elementary and middle schools located on R D Mize Road. The primary users will be motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists, with additional connectivity provided to transit facilities. Additional project improvements will include a bridge replacement over the Little Blue River and will include the addition of sidewalk and/or sidewalk connections to the existing little blue trace trail system.
10. Scope: This project will serve multiple transportation users along a 2.5-mile segment of roadway connecting residential, commercial, and medical facilities with a 3 lane facility between Eureka Road and Pink Hill Road and a 4 lane facility between Pink Hill Road and Duncan Road with improvements including bicycle and pedestrian facilities throughout. Improvements to the intersection of Pink Hill Road and R D Mize Road include installation of a roundabout to improve the safety and uninterrupted traffic flow of the intersection and is in close proximity to Fire Station #10, which will provide improved response times and safety to incoming and outgoing responses from R D Mize Road. The project will complete phased improvements along R D Mize Road between Hidden Valley Road and I-70.
11. Project schedule: Phase 1: (Hidden Valley Road) from MO-291 to R D Mize Road (Constructed 2006) Phase 2: R D Mize Road from Hidden Valley Road to Jackson Drive (Constructed 2009) Phase 3: R D Mize Road from Jackson Drive to Eureka Road (Constructed 2010) Phase 4: R D Mize Road from Eureka Road to Pink Hill Road (CIP 2025) Phase 5: R D Mize Road from Pink Hill Road to Duncan Road (by 2040)

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