Summary of Tree planting at mobility hubs


Project Number: 1156
Organization: MARC
Project Name: Tree planting at mobility hubs
City(ies), County(ies), State: Smart Moves identifies 72 mobility hubs at key activity centers and corridors throughout the MARC region.
Routes, interchanges and/or intersections: All 72 mobility hubs identified in the Smart Moves plan.
Primary Project Mode: Transit 
Supplementary Project Mode(s): * Active Transportation * Transit )
Tree planting (or green infrastructure applications) at all mobility hubs will encourage bus ridership, walking and biking by creating a more sustainable places.
Project Purpose: * Ecosystem Restoration Green infrastructure/sustainable places)
Project Description: Tree planting and green infrastructure applications next to mobility hubs helps accomplish multiple goals: heat island reduction, climate resilience, public health, air and water quality protection, walkability, and transit access. Primary users are transit riders, pedestrians and cyclists. In cases in which MARC is listed as the sponsor, local governments or other entities with land use jurisdiction would need to implement projects.
Scope: Approximately 100 trees will be planted at every mobility hub in the region. The budget assumes a higher cost of $1000/tree (site preparation, planting, maintenance, replacement if needed) because of site constraints and increased maintenance requirements. Trees will be planted based on allied strategies and plans associated with green and complete streets, local place-making, and environmental and stormwater management needs and opportunities,
Funding Source: Transit
Total Budget in 2019 Dollars: $7,200,000
Decade: Illustrative
Application Score: 87
Constrained / Illustrative: Illustrative
Priority: High
Adds Capacity: Yes

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Mary Kay McGinty said...

This is a crucial plan to create a healthier environment for Kansas City. The benefits of heat island reduction, carbon sequestration, climate resilience, public health, air and water quality protection are all vital and should be at the core of all city transportation planning.

11/19/2019 9:01:24 PM


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