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Cooperative Purchasing Database

The Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative (KCRPC) generates cooperative contracts for local governments. These contracts are available online through CoProcure. CoProcure is a free search tool that provides information about suppliers and contracts available to your region. Use CoProcure to find suppliers and contracts from KCRPC as well as national and regional purchasing cooperatives, states, and local agencies.

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The basic instructions are as follows:


Most agencies are able to use another agency’s contract, often referred to as "piggybacking," if their procurement policies authorize use of cooperative contracts. Piggyback contracts can save your agency time and money, and often provide lower prices than a single jurisdiction would be able to obtain on its own. The KCRPC also encourages local governments to include cooperative purchasing language in their bids and contracts.

Agencies must identify the Bid/Contract number they are using when requesting quotes or placing orders to ensure they receive the correct contract pricing. Agencies must contact KCRPC to assist with any quote requests from the HGACBuy contracts.


Organized cooperative purchasing contracts generally include administrative fees or an order processing charge, either built into the contract pricing or added to invoice. Each contract varies, and agencies are encouraged to review the terms and conditions for applicable fees or membership requirements.

Adding to the database

The more contract documents we collect, the more useful this tool will be to members. We need your help in providing access to contracts from your agency (bid solicitations, contracts, amendments and renewals).

We hope to help agencies share all contracts, as even contracts that are not cooperative can inform opportunities for cost savings and collaboration across our membership. Contact CoProcure to determine the best method for collecting contract information in the way that works best for your agency.

Houston-Galveston Area Council Contract Database

The KCRPC database includes contracts awarded by the Houston-Galveston Area Council's (H-GAC) cooperative procurement program HGACBuy. HGACBuy offers numerous contracts available to our local governments, through the MARC-HGACBuy interlocal agreement #04-1443, and often at a savings over local bids. More»