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2021 Call for Projects

The Mid-America Regional Council regularly solicits projects for consideration in the current Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) - Connected KC 2050. When this occurs, this is not an actual application for specific funding; however, inclusion in the Plan is a requirement in some cases and a boost in others for future funding opportunities.

The current listing of projects included in the MTP originates from a call for projects conducted in early 2019 as well as an additional call in 2021. Amendments are made to Connected KC 2050 as new projects, funding, or programs arise. We typically solicit two types of projects. The link below to browse projects will only show those projects from the latest call. To see all projects included in the MTP. Please visit the Connected KC website.

  • New project submission: Please submit any regionally significant project that is not currently in Connected KC 2050. 2019 evaluation criteria will be used.

  • Update a project: You may consider resubmitting a current project if there exists is a significant change in costs, scope, timeline, or financial resources for the project.

Browse 2021 Submitted Projects

Further information regarding project eligibility, programming process, evaluation criteria and other important considerations can be found in the solicitation guidebook available in the resources section of this page.




June 18 2021 Release Call for MTP Projects
July 16 2021 Close Call for MTP Projects
July-August 2021 Review/Staff Assessment
Mid-August 2021 Finalize Staff Assessment/Scoring
Mid-August to Early September Staff Recommendations
September 2021 Modal Committee Review
October 2021 TTPC Review
June 2020 Plan adoption

Connected KC 2050 is the region’s current metropolitan transportation plan. Per federal requirements, these plans must be updated every five years, have at least have a 20-year time horizon, and demonstrate financial constraint with resources that can reasonably be expected to be available over the life of the plan. The plan was approved in June of 2020 and is due for update by June of 2025. The purpose of this call for projects is to stay abreast of all types of transportation projects from across the Kansas City metro to be prioritized to help address the transportation needs identified for the region. These projects should be “regionally significant” in nature.

Contact Information

Martin Rivarola

600 Broadway, Suite 200
Kansas City, MO 64105
Fax 816/421-7758

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