Infrastructure For Rebuilding America (INFRA)
2017 Grant Application

From its early days, the Kansas City region has been considered an important economic crossroads for our nation, dating back to its history as the last trading outpost at the convergence of the Oregon, California and Santa Fe Trails before they separately headed West. In modern times, the region maintains status as the country’s largest rail center by tonnage and a critical intranational hub for fiber optic and telecommunications networks.

Kansas City’s infrastructure has always supported its prominence as a crossroads for trade, freight and communications traffic, and the Buck O’Neil Bridge — formerly the Broadway Bridge — is a critical piece of that infrastructure. Now, however, that bridge faces a convergence of challenges that present a multi-generational opportunity for the city. The upcoming decisions regarding the future of the bridge will require an innovative, long-term vision for the region — a vision that looks not just to immediate needs, but addresses quality of life and prepares Kansas City for the next 100 years of growth as the nation’s crossroads.

A new Buck O’Neil Bridge will provide a vital link for commerce, public safety, economic development and community cohesion for the Kansas City region by replacing aging, outdated infrastructure that is in poor condition and in need of major repairs with a new bridge and approaches that will serve travelers using all modes of transportation for decades to come.


Project Location

This project will rebuild the U.S. 169 Missouri River crossing in Kansas City, Missouri, which provides access to the Central Business District and facilitates connections to I-35 and I-70 at the south end and provides access to the Charles B. Wheeler Airport and northland areas at the north end.


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